How to load in email attachments with R

I would like to save and process received emails and email attachments automatically. Is there a good package for reading emails and email attachments?

I want to do the following:

  1. Connect to the email account
  2. Have new emails been received?
  3. Is email from special address
  4. Load CSV attachment
  5. Process data
  6. Save data
  7. Mark email as read / delete
  8. End

The task should be started by a cronjob.



I just want to note that I have the same item on my list of things to investigate. It would be fantastic to be able to script some email rules in R... the email providers often provide flexibility for rules, but they are often not sufficient.

It sounds like your use case is a bit different. Which email provider are you using? The gmailr package looks promising for gmail.


Unfortunately, I have not found any good package for receiving email. Especially reading emails from an MS Exchange mailbox.
I bought another software for that.

I didn't find another solution.