How to learn Finance with R and RStudio?

Can this app help me learn about finances? I am a beginner financial expert and am looking for opportunities to learn more online. I want to acquire not only theoretical knowledge from the books but learn about the current situation in the market and be able to analyze it as professionals do.

There is obviously a lot of different types of analytic activities you might do in finance. A good way to consider getting started is to work on a specific project you're keen on, and lean on these tools.

One resource I'd recommend to get started with is Reproducible Finance with R.

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I guess it would be better begin with reading some basic books and managing finances. Actually, I could ask my financial manager for advice for you.

Hello there, mate. I agree that reading certain books about finances is the thing you should start with. The Rich and Poor Dad is a really nice one, to begin with. This book is my finical manager’s from number 1 advice to all studying finances. Actually, there are many related courses on Coursera about financial management that could be helpful for you, too, I guess. So, let me know about your progress. Best of luck to you, buddy!

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