How to know traffic on flexdashboard hosted on

Hi Everyone,
I recently made a flexdashboard and hosted it on It is working fine (a bit slow to load), additionally I want to know how many people have visited the dashboard and from where. Is this even possible? Please direct me to references if you are aware about this.

I am not well versed with web development or HTML.


Hi @AyushBipinPatel,

I recommend using Google Analytics. To use this, you will need a Google account (which is free) and then you need to simply setup up which website (property) you want Google to "track". To initiate the tracking, Google will provide you a short piece of JavaScript code that you need to add to your {shiny} app. There are several good sets of instructions already available...

Shiny instructions for GA (you only need Steps 1-3 to get up and running)

That way, whenever someone connects to your site, it will send data to Google and you can view this information in the Google Analytics dashboard.


Thanks a lot @mattwarkentin. This works wonderfully.

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