How to introduce yourself & make an impression at the conferences/HR people?

I am about to attend a Women In Tech conference in Stockholm in March (is anyone going, ladies?) and it's my first bigger conference abroad, to be honest. Since I want to move to Sweden eventually and work there, I would like to take this opportunity to connect with people there and possibly with HR people from different companies which will be presented there.

My 2 questions are:

  • How do you briefly introduce what are you doing with data to a "non-data person" you see for the very first time? What is the approach that works/worked for you?

  • When at the conference do you still use the business cards, or do you use something more memorable?

I'm asking this because I already got some intel from HR people from my country and they seem to be unfamiliar with the things I do - I mainly analyze marketing and social media (demographic) data with R - They think of me as just a marketing specialist and they don't see the emphasis on the data part. And though I am quite good at explaining what I do, they have a hard time to wrap their heads around it.