How to Integrate Rstudio Connect with Nginx and Company Private Auth?

Currently, My company is using Microsoft Outlook Service Auth instead of Google OAuth in the doc example. It seems that it is hard to customize the protocol because Rstudio Connect only expose a config file with address config and our private OAuth is slightly different, which point out a customize callback URL.

I am trying to integrate the Rstudio Connect with Nginx, I am following the tutorial: However, it is too complicated and not simple enough, for this commercial product.

I am seeking a simple way to integrate Rstudio Connect with Nginx and fail to find a mature solution until now.

Fix the deploy problem is too hard for data scientist and before data scientist pursuit IT staff to deploy Rstudio Connect, they need to present system is valuable to pay.

Hey @harryzhu,

Keep in mind that our commercial products come with dedicated support, even during the evaluation. We'd recommend reaching out to or to work through the difficulties you are experiencing!