How to install a local package tarball while ignoring the 'Remotes' in the DESCRIPTION?

I have a package {pkgX} that depends on a github package {pkgGH}. Therefore, in the DESCRIPTION file, I have a Remotes section pointing to the github repo for {pkgGH}. This package gets built by source, and usually using devtools::install_local(file, type = "source") works just fine.

But when I'm in a situation where I don't have access to GitHub, I want to be able to provide all the packages (standard and remote packages alike) in a custom CRAN-like repository. So I'll add a repo = "file:///my/repo" argument to the installation call. The issue is that because of the Remotes section, the installation insists on trying to find {pkgGH} on github, and fails. I want to have a way to tell the installation to ignore the Remotes section and simply install everything from the repo I provided.

The only solution I can think of is to have two versions of the source tarball - one with and one without a Remotes section. That seems very inefficient, is there a way to just tell installation to always go to my repo?

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