How to import large Excel file?

I have a Very large excel file (3 GB). My RAM is 16 GB. When I try to open the file using read XL in Rstudio, the error comes up std:bad_alloc.
What can I do? Can anyone kindly suggest me?

Hi @Tahirah ,

If you save your Excel file as a csv file, what is the difference in size?

What package are you currently using to import the file? There are many options. I usually use the readxl package.

When I convert it to CSV the file size becomes 2.25 GB from 2.57 GB.

I am also using readxl package.

The original file size is 2.57 GB. when I convert it to CSV, it becomes 2.25 GB.
When I tried to open the excel file using readxl package, I found in task manager that it was only using 37% of my memory. But I am not sure how I can compel my Rstudio to use more of the memory.
I have 16gb RAM

Does this help?