how to import all multiple csv file from folder and same how to write all file as csv in folder.

hi team,
I have a bunch of files around 100 files and I need to calculate and them and the same I have to write in another folder after calculation so I don't wanna write scripts again and again just to export all file I have worked on.

write a function that can take a parameter of one of your file names, read it, do your calculation, and write it out.
then use commands like list.files() to make a vector of file names you want to apply your function to.
then use purrr library to iterate your function over every file name that you want. (purrr::walk function)

is there any way file could be exported (around 100 files) with their imported file name in a same time?
ex- i uploaded 100 files with name 1,2,3,4.... and after calculation the same file could be export by using single function in a another folder.

maybe I'm missing a subtelty of your requirement, was there something in my suggestion that doesnt sound right for your needs?

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