How to I attract help to my tricky Shiny and R Markdown problem? - Using paramterized Rmarkdowns and ShinyR apps/ Interactive markdown files

I have beeen trying for about 10 days to solve the issues I am having, i have posted multiple topics but with no answers. Is anyone prepared to help me with troubleshooting an app to produce params() rmarkdown reports using an app?

Thankyou in advance.

This feels more like a meta "How do I get people to help me with my tricky coding problem", so I'm going to move it there, and retitle it.

In my experience, I feel there's two big things you need to do to attract help to solve your problem. That's true whether your post your question here, github issues, stack overflow, or ask your colleagues or in a grad office.

  1. Use a reprex
  2. Make it minimal

On 1. A reproducible example is just the gold standard to get your problem in the hands of others. For many problems like this one, folks are more likely to help if they are able to replicate your error messages in as close to your environment as possible.
Unless your issue is trivially easy to see & resolve via code inspection - which is rare with shiny app issues and with the types of problems experienced folks have - people are only left guessing, which often isn't helpful to you. For questions like "why is my coding breaking" or "why is my code not doing what I think it should be doing", there's no better tool than a reprex.

For shiny apps, I'm seeing an increasing number of successes with people creating their reprex in, since that'll create a project you can share via URL, recreating the set of files needed to recreate your issue.

On 2, make it minimal, realize that folks here and other help forums are volunteers, they have limited time and many questions they could help with. Even if you have a reprex, if it's hundreds of lines of hard to understand code, people may still struggle to diagnose the issue, or they may just feel it's too much effort to even start diving in. Removing any extraneous code helps folks focus on the core issue you'd like help with.

In case you hadn't seen this, Barret and others organized these thoughts into a handy guide:

lambjir's unanswered questions:

Thanks for the help. I will try and recreate an easy to create reproducable example and repost witha clearer question. Thanks James

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