How to Host R Shiny apps

Hey everyone,

I am interested in commercializing apps I developed to my clients.

I am not sure about hosting them via

Could you please tell me how I can have those apps hosted so that clients can use them by paying fee?

Hi, when you host your app using a paid subscription on, you will have to pay the fees and not the clients.
Based on my experience, you have two options:

  • The clients should sign up on, and use your app on their account (they will have the possibility to see the source code). if your product is the code itself, then this option is not suitable for you.
  • You buy a subscription on (or any other hosting solutions), and you add a paiement gateway where clients will have to pay.
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Hi Hicham,

Thanks for the information. If chose the 2nd option to purchased paid services, how would it work?

Will shinyapps be seen as a brand or would it work like a white labelled product in which scenario shinyapps only hosts it but the app is seen as my product with my brand from the clients?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Huseyin,
you will need to integrate a payment gateway (Stripe, Paypal, .. ) to your app, and buy a subscriptions; so clients will pay you through this gateway and then you pay the subscription.

When you upgrade to a paid plan you will have the option to hide branding from the dashboard: