How to hide "et al" in Quarto in-text citations using custom csl


The APA csl style is supposed to format in-text citations as, for instance, (Fenner, 2019), that a single author followed by a date. However, when used with Quarto, the in-text citation shows up as (Fenner et al, 2019)... note the extraneous "et al". Is this a bug or is there something that one should do in Quarto to make the csl behave as expected?

Content of quarto file

title: "cslbug"
format: docx
bibliography: references.bib
csl: apa.csl


Content of reference.bibs:

	title = {A data citation roadmap for scholarly data repositories},
	author = {Fenner, Martin and Crosas, {Mercè} and Grethe, Jeffrey S. and Kennedy, David and Hermjakob, Henning and Rocca-Serra, Phillippe and Durand, Gustavo and Berjon, Robin and Karcher, Sebastian and Martone, Maryann and Clark, Tim},
	year = {2019},
	month = {04},
	date = {2019-04-10},
	journal = {Scientific Data},
	volume = {6},
	number = {1},
	doi = {10.1038/s41597-019-0031-8},
	url = {},
	langid = {en}

The APA csl style can be downloaded from the link above.

Where is the APA style reference where this is explain ? I can see that the examples at Zotero Style Repository also have the et al. which is there when there is several authors to the bibliography entry

So it seems the CSL file is built that way

Hi @cderv

Thanks for your response. You are right: the APA style includes the "et al". I got confused by the interface Visual CSL Editor. The style from the Colorado School of Biomedical Engineering was actually the one closer to my intent... and it works as expected with Quarto (so I edited the title of this post).

That said, it took me a while to understand how they suppressed the display of "et al" so I will document below what's needed. Essentially, the secret is to add <term name="et-al"/> in the locale tag.

  <locale xml:lang="en">
      <term name="editortranslator" form="short">
        <single>ed. &amp; trans.</single>
        <multiple>eds. &amp; trans.</multiple>
      <term name="translator" form="short">trans.</term>
      <term name="et-al"/>

The inline citation tags options must also be set with <citation et-al-min="2" et-al-use-first="1"...

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