How to hide all errors *except* validation errors?

Hi. I have an app that displays errors in two main scenarios:
1 - when I load a reactive event to generate a plot, in the couple of seconds it takes to calculate, some errors are shown regarding undefined columns being selected in my data. Once the calculation is done, the errors go away and the plot appears
2 - if a user picks incompatible parameters in the widget box on the side of my app, then an error is shown. I use a validate() function to display these.

For case 1, I want to hide these errors so that they aren't appearing whenever a new plot is chosen. I previously did this with

".shiny-output-error {visibility: hidden;}",
".shiny-output-error:before {visibility: hidden;}")

However, this would cause my validate() errors from scenario #2 to disappear as well.
I tried adding

.shiny-output-error-validation {color:red;}"

but it doesn't seem to override the other block.

Is there a way to distinguish between the different error classes in R Shiny? I'd like all non-validation-related errors to be hidden, while validation errors display in red. Did a lot of Googling on the topic, but couldn't find solutions that solved both scenarios. Alternatively, could I limit my CSS to a specific tabPanel such that one tab has errors visible, and the other doesn't?