how to get the result for all json array objects in R or plumber API

Hi ,

i am using plumber api so sneding the json request as an array to my api .
for eg:
"EmployeeInfo": [
"Dept Id":49
"Dept id":40
this is my json request and accordingly i have my json schema using draft 4 version.
and to validate my input request i am using function json:validator.
now this function validate my input json according to the schema and throws the error . if 1st objects fails and does not validate 2nd request.
validate(req$postBody,error=true) but i want to validate all the object of my in case ist object (name "john" ) fails it should throw error as invalid name according to json also it should validate the 2nd object also and provide the result as valid request . as i am using mahine learning model also so i get the result from model.but issue is if 1st object fails during validation it throws the error and come out, but i want to continoue the validation and print the result for both along with it possible.please help

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