How to get the code of Rshiny Adding and removing UI objects?

I'm using insertUI and removeUI.I don't know how to achieve the function like the picture.Especially the selected removeUI.


I would like you to refer to our shiny-examples present @ . One of the example apps there named 111-insert-ui does similar stuff.

Please let us know if that doesn't solve your problem yet.
Thanks for reaching out to shiny team.

Thanks for your answer.I had look through it @
However,I want to know how to insert and remove a few common shiny input objects.I think it's another example just like this@ don't know how to get this code.

Hi, it would be really great to also see the code to this app ( since it is still different than the simple example from

Thanks in advance!

Hi, if you're willing to plot some reactive code in your shiny, you may want to look at ShinyAce :

The observeEvent function is really useful to plot some code that adjusts to box you tick for example.

I should have searched in the forum before posting a new issue on the gallery's GitHub repo, but I would like to have access to the code behind this app as well. There are enough subtle differences with the 111-insert-ui app that I think it would be good for me and others to learn from. (