How to get minimum and maximum value from a Cummulative Distribution Function (CDF)?

I have created a Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) from a given Probability Density Function (PDF) as

    4175,  6911,  8386,6990,  5840 ,10263 , 7022,
    5728, 15335, 11197 ,22322 ,13602 ,12310, 15575 ,19383)

fit <- kde1d(x,bw = 1681)
plot(NULL, xlim = c(0, 25000), ylim = c(0, 1), axes = FALSE, 
     xlab = "Rainfall)", 
     ylab = expression("Probability"))

axis(1, at = seq(0, 25000, by=5000))
axis(2, at = seq(0, 1, by=0.1))
curve(pkde1d(x, fit), 
      add = TRUE, col = "black", lwd = 1.5

How can I get minimum and maximum values from this CDF?

I am hoping this is the maximum value.

qkde1d(1, fit)

However, the minimum value with this approach of

qkde1d(0, fit)

gave me a negative value.
I am expecting the minimum value will be closer to the min value of X i.e.,


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