How to get list of all retweeters of a tweet (more than 100) by rtweet: get_retweeters()

I am using rtweet package and trying to retrieve all retweeters of a tweet by using
get_retweeters(). I know the max number of this function is 100 ids due to the API limits. However, I read that I can recall the function with max_id() or since_id() to get next 100 and so on but don't know how to use it in my code.

I tried the following code but did not work.

# the tweet id
tweet_id <- "1364693395541811206"

# get retweets ids
retweeter_ids <- get_retweeters(tweet_id)

# get last retweet id
last_retweeter_id <-  retweeter_ids$user_id[nrow(mi_tweet)]

# pass last_retweeter_id to max_id and run search again.
retweeter_ids_contd <- get_retweeters(tweet_id, max_id = last_retweeter_id)

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