How to get figures to appear in Rmarkdown when using a multicolumn format

I'm having some trouble customising a report using the ireports package. What I'm trying to do is essentially create a multicolumn & landscape report, which I've so far managed to do by adding the following to the default tex preamble that's in the package


My issue comes when I try to add a figure in my Rmd file, it just fails to appear. I had a look and I've seen that its likely because the multicol package doesn't allow for floating figures to appear (see here), however I'm unsure of how to implement this solution. Is there any way I can successfully keep a figure in its exact position that its in my Rmd?

Here is how my document looks, the figure just fails to appear

and here is my full Rmd file

title: Document Title
author: INWTlab 
date: \today
  logo: logo.png
  cover: cover.png
  iblue: 6d1d26
  igray: ffffff
documentclass: article
fontsize: 11
papersize: a4paper
    keep_tex: TRUE
    latex_engine: xelatex
    resetStyleFiles: FALSE
  - \newcommand{\logo}{`r gsub("_", "\\_", params$logo)`}
  - \newcommand{\cover}{`r gsub("_", "\\_", params$cover)`}
  - \newcommand{\iblue}{`r params$iblue`}
  - \newcommand{\igray}{`r params$igray`}
  - \renewcommand{\contentsname}{Contents Page}
  - \renewcommand{\pagename}{Page}

```{r setup, include = FALSE}
# packages

# settings
knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = FALSE, message = FALSE, warning = FALSE)

```{r include=FALSE}
rm(list = ls())
source(paste0(getwd(), "/Code/LoadPackages.R")) # Check this out in the Code folder if you want to add R packages that you might need
source("Code/Dataframes.R", local = knitr::knit_global())
source("Code/Plots.R", local = knitr::knit_global())
source("Code/Tables.R", local = knitr::knit_global())



\section{First Section}


\textbf{On a net basis, US yields rose considerably over the course of the month as investors eyed a rush of new debt issuance in a Biden-led administration.}  Longer-dated US Treasury yields came under sustained pressure over the course of the month amid a consensus on the likelihood of the Democratic-controlled Congress easing fiscal policy to support the economy. A rise in inflation expectations induced by the incoming administration's fiscal policy stance fuelled a 10 basis point increase in the benchmark 10 year yield to a level of 1.07\%, while the 10year-2year spread steepened by about 15 basis points over the course of the month. 

```{r fig1, fig.align='center', fig.cap="First Plot \\label{Figure1}", fig.height=2.4, fig.width=3}


mtcars$cyl <- as.factor(mtcars$cyl)

ggplot(mtcars, aes(x=hp, y=mpg, color=cyl, shape=cyl)) +


\section{Second Section}

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