How to follow the Posit Blog using RSS Feed?

Before becoming, I could use to follow new posts.
But now, with (by simply replacing the domain name) I get nothing.

So I am wondering if there are any official RSS feeds for the new website?

My current workaround is to subscribe blog-related topics in this community forum (with However the topics here only contain links to the original posts on which is not very convenient.

It appears that the RSS feed for the Posit blog is not currently available on the website. The old RStudio blog RSS feed you mentioned is not the same as the new Posit blog RSS feed.

As a workaround, you can subscribe to blog-related topics in the RStudio Community forum as you mentioned, but this may not be as convenient as a direct RSS feed.

You could also follow Posit on social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn, they often share new blog posts and other updates through these channels.

Additionally, you can subscribe to Posit newsletter, they often include links to the new blog posts in their newsletters, which you can receive via email.

It's worth to note that Posit is a relatively new company and it's possible that they are still working on their website and features, so it's possible that the RSS feed for their blog will be added in the future.

Among all you inspiring suggestions, I think messages delivered on social media platforms might be too random and much more frequent than Blog posts; on the contrary, Newsletters suit nicely my needs in all aspects. Many Thanks @TalhaAsif


I stumbled across the same thing today.

RSS is one of the best solutions for tracking posts. It allows you to freely manage your feeds in a large number of tools (including Outlook, bookmarks in browsers or rss aggregators such as feedly).

Social media, due to the way posts are displayed (or actually hidden) and the lack of thematic categorization, are a poor substitute.

The newsletter is a partial solution, because it only allows you to manage it in the mail reader.

It is a pity that with the change of RStudio to Posit we lost such a valuable thing.

And as an additions: on which became there was no problem with RSS migration. it was even asserted in a blog post (RStudio is now Posit!):

Q: Where can I find the status of Posit Cloud,, or Posit Public Package Manager?

Our status page,, will migrate to on November 3rd. At this time we will be switching the software that runs the status page to The RSS feed will continue to work and email subscribers will be migrated.

In order to bypass the limit of only being able to manage newsletters in the mail reader, I am testing online services (e.g. which can convert newsletters to RSS feed.

In practice, I subscribed to newsletters using both the above-mentioned online service and my mail box. Just 5 hours ago, I received the first update from Posit. The layout of this newsletter is not complicated (text + Posit logo + link) and my RSS Reader correctly received the content.

If everything goes well in the long term, I will unsubscribe my mailbox and only use the RSS feed.

I also consider switching from my current RSS client to "Readwise Reader" which can manage all my daily reading sources (ebooks, RSS feeds and newsletters).

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  • The Posit blog's rss feed is at
  • Tidyverse blog, which includes tidymodels posts, is at
  • Our AI blog, covering topics in the MLverse, is at
  • R Views is at (but I believe this may change this year).
  • And Shiny has started a new blog, at

Thanks @EconomiCurtis.

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