How to find patterns within groups when observing multiple groups of the same variables?

I'm looking for a statistical method to test whether or not the order of companies who won public procurements is random or more commonly the same.

I have a large table of data- around 20 000 procurements. Each row represents a single offer for a specific procurement. I have removed the rows, which don't include companies that I'm interested in.

I'm looking for a way to test, whether there are any patterns between who lost and who won. For example- did everytime GOOGLE win, was Facebook the second? Or, did Facebook win the first procurement, Google the second, Fb again the 3rd etc...

Most procurements have around 4-5 offers and the companies I'm looking at are participating on average in 20-30 procurements. So let's say Google participated in 25 procurements, I can pull up a list of all offers for the procurements that Google participated in- around 120 offers.

Can I test whether there is a pattern between the order of winners and losers?

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