how to find out the predicted number for each value of the total point in nomogram?

I have created a nomogram using R, I use rsm package I use GLM with Poisson family because the data is not normal and I use code like this:

dd <- datadist(database_set_);options(datadist='dd')
Model.A<-Glm(Y~X1+X2+X3+X4+X5+X6,family = poisson,(data =database_set_))
plot(nomogram(Model.A,fun = exp))
nomogram(Model.A,fun = exp)

the result of the total point value that R outputs is like this:

Points per unit of linear predictor: 73.02366 
Linear predictor units per point   : 0.01369419 

Total Points  Predicted Value
115           5
165           10
195           15
216           20
232           25
245           30
257           35

How do I find out the predicted value if the total points are not included in that number, for example, the total points are 117, what is the predicted value?


The point of a nomogram is to give you quick estimates, in your domain is it not enough to say, that you have 117 which is close to 115 therefore the prediction is close to 5 (slightly above it) ?

so I can only say a number close to 5
can't predict the exact number?

Ignoring the monogram aspect, you have a glm called Model.A that you could use to predict with.

what I mean is
I want to make predictions by developing a nomogram
nomogram results like this

How do I get all the predicted values displayed?
not just multiples of 5 like this ? (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30)

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