How to fill background using kableExtra with odd and even numbers

Hi, I would like help on how to fill background color using kableExtra. I would like to fill the background with the even numbers red and the odd numbers orange. Thank you.
table screenshot

Below is one way to fill odd/even columns using the which() function to identify which columns are odd or even and then the column_spec() function to apply the background color.


df = head(iris, 5)

odd_cols = which(1:ncol(df) %% 2 == 1)
even_cols = which(1:ncol(df) %% 2 == 0)

kbl(df) |>
  kable_paper(full_width = F) |>
  column_spec(odd_cols, background = 'orange') |>
  column_spec(even_cols, background = 'red')


Hi scottyd22,

Thank you for working this out for me.
It worked out great.


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