How to extract the list of values ECDF

hi guys,

How can I extract in a vector the result of ecdf?

if a suppose to execute ecdf(X)
this gives me a list of values... but the object is a closure, I want to obtain the list of values....

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Hi @Jeremy98-alt,

What you are looking for is: knots(ecdf(X)) .

Hope this helps.


@gueyenono perfect! thank you so much..... and if I want to make the quantile of the ecdf??

I used the qmixnorm( likelihood(y.train, p, mu, sigma), mu, sigma, p ) in order to return a matrix of values where each observation contains the quantile... but for the ecdf(xx) case?

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You can just use the quantile() function:

x <- runif(100)
e <- ecdf(x)

no, I didn't say this... wait

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