How to extract rows from python whith therse R-code

I have an object (call it X) with multiple tables, and each table contains rows and columns. So it is a 3 dimension object. So if I want to extract second rows from all the table, I can type
So how can I do the same thing from python?

Hi Taylor,

Can you please give us a sample of the data?
You can use this guide:

#this must be a list
#In r we subset dataframes/tables with df[x,y]
#We subset list of dataframes with ls[[i]]...[x,y]
#ls[[1]] selects the first element of the list
#for example you have a list of list dataframes, you subset it with ls[[i]][[j]][x,y]
#A simple answer to your problem is to loop each element in the list and do whatever you want
new_df <- data.frame()
for(i in seq_along(ls)) {
 df[i] <- ls[[i]][2,]

#apply is faster, but its not easy to read for me

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