How to export Rstudio data to SQL server.

Hello everyone, I have a problem. Can you help me, please?
I have connected R with SQL Server to import data from SQL Server into R by using Connection String to build predictive models. And, I need to export predicted data from R into SQL server. Can you help me with exporting data from Rstudio to SQL server, please?
Thank you very much.

Hello @TramDoan,

Did you try dbWriteTable from package DBI? It can help you. The doc from Rstudio about connection :

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Since you already have imported data from SQL server I'm asumming you are familiar with SQL queries, so for a more flexible approach you can execute INSERT statements using DBI::dbSendStatement(), take a look at this example.

rs <- dbSendStatement(
  "INSERT INTO cars (speed, dist) VALUES (?, ?)",
  param = list(4L, 5L)

Also, if you have multiple registers to insert and manually typing the sql statement would not be practical, you can use DBI::sqlAppendTable() to programmatically prepare the sql command.

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