How to export a summary table when it is too large?

I would like to save in a chart the tables I make with the gtsummary package to avoid having to pass the data to an excel, the problem is that when the chart is too big I can't export it completely. I attach images as a proof.

Since you mention Excel, I'm guessing that's your desired destination. Take a look at the function as_hux_xlsx(): Convert gtsummary object to a huxtable object — as_hux_table • gtsummary

out_gts <- tbl_summary() %>% .. # whatever your code to make gtsummary table

as_hux_xlsx(out_gts, file="mytable.xlsx")

A reprex for your consideration:


tbl_summary_ex1 <-
  trial %>%
  select(age, grade, response) %>%

tbl_summary_ex2 <-
  trial %>%
  select(age, grade, response, trt) %>%
    by = trt,
    label = list(age ~ "Patient Age"),
    statistic = list(all_continuous() ~ "{mean} ({sd})"),
    digits = list(age ~ c(0, 1))

as_hux_xlsx(tbl_summary_ex1, "ex1.xlsx")
as_hux_xlsx(tbl_summary_ex2, "ex2.xlsx")

Created on 2024-04-08 with reprex v2.0.2


Here is a snippet of the image you posted;

it shows theres pixel width and height control available to you.
make these large enough for the content to fit within without the scroll bars , and you'll have the image you want.

Hello, thank you for your reply.

I did not know as_hux_xlsx() function, I will look into it.

No, excel is not my default destination, I am also interested in having those tables in image format so I can paste it in word or power point files.

Hi, doesn't work like that. I shrink the image but the data disappears, it does not follow the frame.

You shrink the image ? I thought you would enlarge the image, to encompass the table...

Can you provide a reproducible example ?

Hello, yes sorry it was a translation error on my part, I thought you were telling me that shrinking the image could fit the whole picture.
I tried enlarging the image as you say but I have reached the limit of what is available (I put a larger number and it automatically resets to the maximum number). And still the whole frame does not fit in the image.

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