how to explorer shiny functions

Hi there,

currently i am developing a website in Shiny, and I know following functions

  1. h1("heading 1) and h2, h3,h4,h5,h6

please tell me how can i explore other function?
so that i will develop my website beautifully.

many thanks,

You can learn about HTML tags from w3schools website, thats my preferred reference

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hi @nirgrahamuk,

thank you, I have learnt from w3school all html tag.

i want to know html tag of shiny?


like tag

how to use these tag in shiny???

many thanks,

I dont understand your question.
From w3schools you know <h1>something</h1> is valid html and has a specific effect and in a shiny ui its
h1("something") ...

And the same for every other tag. If you look at shiny tags$ you will see them all.

Do you mean something like this?

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Yes I want this.
Thank you,

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