How to execute user input characters as code in shiny?

I am creating an application in shiny.

I learned that there is a feature that allows users to enter their own information freely.

It take input from the user as text, don't it?

How can I get users to write and execute the code themselves?

Here is an example
Let's say the following is code that works normally
I will also make it easy for user to change places at will.

iris %>%
"change places"

If a user sees this diagram and wants to filter it, they can enter the following

"filter(Sepal.Length > 3) %>%"

Here is the code that runs on shiny when it receives the user's double quotation marks

iris %>%
  filter(Sepal.Length > 3) %>%

How can I make this ?
thank you

here is one way.

my_expression_1 <-   "filter(Sepal.Length > 3) %>%"
(my_query <- glue("iris %>%
(my_expression_2 <-   rlang::parse_expr(my_query))

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