How to embed some R script(R scraping function) in html website to create automatad tables

I want to use some of my R functions in the website i'm creating.
Some of my R functions will scrape data from others website, clean some data and then show the remaining data as table in my website. Others R functions will plot differents graph using the previous data.
So I'm looking to a way to embed my R script in the html website or to convert my R Scripts to JavaScript so that it can be easyly added to my html website.
Is there a R package or function than can help me converting any R function to Javascript function? Any advice about tackling an issue like this is greatly appreciated.

A minimal r function code example :


BRVM_cap <- function(){
  # company<-toupper(company)
    brvm_cap <- rvest::read_html("") %>%
      rvest::html_nodes('table') %>%
    brvm_cap <- brvm_cap[[4]]
    brvm_cap$`Global capitalization (%)`<-gsub(",", ".",brvm_cap$`Global capitalization (%)`)
    brvm_cap <- tibble::as.tibble(brvm_cap)

  error = function(e) {
    print("Make sure you have an active internet connection")
  warning = function(w) {
    print("Make sure you have an active internet connection")

How can i convert BRVM_cap (R function) to a similar javascript function?
Or how can i embed BRVM_cap script function to the web (the embeded code must be hide to users)?

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