How to embed a dynamic plot generated with R Markdown into Outlook email?

I am trying to embed an html file produced from R Markdown into the outlook email. I can do it by choosing Insert/Insert as Text, but it only shows texts and static charts. As an example, it shows all contents except the dygraphs plot.

I am thankful if anyone knows how to embed htmlwidgets such as Plotly, dygraphs, etc. into an outlook email. Please find below R markdown scripts along with what email shows.

title: "Outlook"
date: "10/5/2022"
output: html_document

knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE)

Including Static Plot

This is an R Markdown document.


Including dynamic Plot

You can also embed dynamic plots, for example:

lungDeaths <- cbind(mdeaths, fdeaths)


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Usually you can't send any HTML content by email. HTML produce by the html_document format are full feature HTML with some CSS and JS content that you can't have in an email.

I would use specific format like

Or just add your self contained html to attachement in the email (with a simple blastula Rmd created content)

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Thank you for your response.

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