How to duplicate a project?

How to duplicate an RStudio project ?

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I think your question might benefit from a bit of refinement. For example, it's unclear if you're asking a big question around reproducible data science, or maybe asking about a specific project you'd like work with on github.

Do you mind editing your question after reviewing the guide below?

I am looking for functionality that might be called "make a copy of this project".
It is useful in those cases where it is more efficient to start from an existing project,
and adapt it to the particular data set and the use case at hand.

Additional operations that belong to this family are:
Rename project,
Delet project,
Duplicate project.



The answer depends on what you consider to be part of your "project" – regardless, if you're using the IDE, it's almost always a good idea to have an .Rproj going. See the "Using Projects" from RStudio Support, below:

That doesn't mean you can just copy and paste that file and that all the data will come with you, though β€” you'd need those files as well.

Take a look at Jenny Bryan's post here:

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If @ronenc wanted to duplicate an Rstudio project that was being tracked in github, I would suggest the steps at the following link. I had a similar question and found the steps quite helpful. Basically the approach, as I interpret it, is to create a blank repo on github then put a copy of the original repo into it. And then create a new project in Rstudio and clone from the new repo.