How to Draw Parallel Nomogram by R studio

I am an obstetrician from Vietnam.

In fact, I am not good at R and Rstudio. I am doing research and analysing my data with R studio.

I want to draw a parallel nomogram with 3 lines, 2 lines of risk factors, and 1 line of probability like this picture.

But I can find how to do this. I know Dynamic Nonogram. But in the situation of Vietnam that one doctor would be very busy with so many patients a day, we need a parallel nomogram which is simple, and easy to read, no need to open phone or read other complicated nomograms

I hope that you can help me. Thank you so much.

I think you would use the rms package to make a simplistic regression with your data, and use its nonogram creating function

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Thank for your reply.
I used RMS package like below:

dd = datadist(DATA_R4)
m1=lrm(as.numeric(HISSUR1) ~ MARmin + AGE , x=TRUE, y=TRUE)
Predict(m1, fun=plogis)
print(plot(Predict(m1, fun=plogis)))
validate(m1, B=80)
nom = nomogram(m1, fun=plogis)

I find this monogram, not parallel monogram:

Can you help me ? I do not know how to make parallel nomogram with Risk of Probability between 2 risk factors.

Sorry, it seems the nomogram packages for R I could find are only manual ones, where one looks up each points attibution, sums them manually and then looks across the scale.
I couldnt find an R package offering isopleth ...

edit, theres possibly a python library

I don't have experience about PyNomo Software.
Actually, I am a obstetrician, so it is so hard for me to draw a parallel scale.

Can you help me to do that ?
In R, when I analysis below:

m2 = glm(HISSUR1 ~ AGE + MARmin, family=binomial, data=DATA_R3)
prLogisticDelta(m2, pattern="marginal", data=DATA_R3)

Result below:

I found that R Studio have Package ‘PythonInR’ ?
Are there anyone who have experience about PythonInR ?

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