how to draw an ellipse in R?

how to draw an ellipse in R? My center is c( 2.1706850, 0.9407624).

The half-lengths of the major and minor axes are given by 0.207667 and 0.01014908 respectively.

The axes lie along e1 = [-0.99984267, -0.01773804] and e2 = [0.01773804, -0.99984267] when these vectors are plotted with my center as the origin.

I don't see center, axis such options.

may help.

I copy and paste ellipsem to R. Then I run ellipsem. But R said : could not find function "ellipsem"

Try the ggforce package Draw (super)ellipses based on the coordinate system scale — geom_ellipse • ggforce

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The posted code shows the definition of the functions. You need to use that to define the functions in your code.

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