How to draw a density plot?

This is my script to draw the density plot:

df <- iris
plot(density(df$Sepal.Length), main="Density Plot", ylab="Frequency", sub=paste("Skewness:", round(e1071::skewness(df$Sepal.Length), 2)))

is there a way to plot three density plot (one for every species: setosa, virginica and versicolor) in the same graph?

Here are sketches of two methods.

df <- iris
#Method 1
SETOSA <- density(df[df$Species=="setosa","Sepal.Length"])
VERSICOLOR <- density(df[df$Species=="versicolor","Sepal.Length"])
VIRGINICA <- density(df[df$Species=="virginica","Sepal.Length"])

plot(SETOSA, main="Density Plot", ylab="Frequency",

#Method 2

ggplot(df,aes(x=Sepal.Length, color=Species)) + geom_density()

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