How to download the 0.4.6 version of rlang package on my local PC

I apologize in advance in case this is a silly question.

I need to download the latest version (0.4.6) of the rlang package, since further packages require it (e.g. "see" package). Unfortunately the following command lines still provide the version 0.4.5 :




I also tried:


But it yields a problem related to Rtools in R 4.0.2 :

>WARNING: Rtools is required to build R packages, but no version of Rtools compatible with R 4.0.2
> was found. (Only the following incompatible version(s) of Rtools were found:3.5)

Thanks in advance.

The binary for rlang 0.4.6 is currently available on CRAN. Are you not able to install it using install.packages("rlang")?

if the former version can't be deleted, you can delete the "rlang" folder in the dir you install R.
some dir like "/your path/R/your version/library/rlang"
then install the new version

Thanks Junjiang, nirgrahamuk & Siddharthprabhu,

The solution was to install manually the older version, and then re-install it again with


Thanks a lot and have a nice day

I meant "uninstall" the package manually first

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