How to do that table in R??

Is possible do this in R?, i need help!!, please !

I used cbind, but i cann,t

Give question with more specific goal.

If your question is

  • is possible to make table with that data : yes
res <- data.frame(
  xi = c(0,1,2,3,4,5,5,5), 
  fi = c(21,62,50,40,22,0,5,0),

Here is a listing of leading table-making R packages, with links to their respective project pages:

knitr (GITHUB, WEBSITE) — kableExtra (GITHUB, WEBSITE) — formattable (GITHUB, WEBSITE) — DT (GITHUB, WEBSITE) — pander (GITHUB, WEBSITE) — huxtable (GITHUB, WEBSITE) — reactable (GITHUB, WEBSITE) — flextable (GITHUB, WEBSITE) — pixiedust (GITHUB) — tangram (GITHUB) — ztable (GITHUB) — condformat (GITHUB) — stargazer (CRAN) — xtable (CRAN)

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