How to do Maori Macron in R shiny app


I would like to get some help from R community. I want to show "ā" instead of "a", e.g. display Māori instead of Maori in R shiny app. Does anyone know how to do that?

When I read csv, I have been using
encoding = "UTF-8" and also using "M\u101ori"

But, when I build the R shiny app, it still shows Maori.


plain <- "a"
macron <- "ā"
string <- "Maori"
#> [1] "Māori"
string <- "The Maori language, te reo Maori"
#> [1] "The Māori lānguāge, te reo Māori"

not sure why... but i can render it correctly:

Thank you so much! It works for me now .

Thanks for your reply. This way did not work for me. I think due to css has removed those special characters in my case.

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