How to do an R --vanilla in RStudio Console?

In the RStudio Console (not RStudio Terminal), how do you achieve R --vanilla?

We don't currently provide any way to customize the startup command-line flags passed to R (with the exception on whether the workspace should be loaded on startup).

We typically see --vanilla used for non-interactive R sessions, though -- can you elaborate on why you'd like that for RStudio as well? Do you want that set globally, or on a per-project basis?

Thanks. For now, I'm mostly asking from the perspective of a package developer trying to help a user to troubleshoot a problem. Then it's pretty common to ask the user to retry with R --vanilla to rule out conflicting user-specific setups. What would you recommend to tell an RStudio Console user to do?

Typically, we just ask users to double-check whether they have a ~/.Rprofile or ~/.Renviron or similar and move those out-of-the-way as needed. Perhaps it would be useful to have some kind of gesture to restart R with --vanilla passed.

Still, some users set things like library paths in their user profile so disabling that by default doesn't always help in debugging situations.

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