How to do a post-hoc test using the 'emmeans' package

For a university project, I have run a non-parametric Generalised Linear Model as shown below:

g1a<-glm(total.abundance~H.stipulacea.cover*site, data = shells, family = poisson(link="log"))

g1b<-glm(total.abundance~shells$H.stipulacea.cover+shells$site, data=shells, family = poisson(link="log"))
anova(g1a,glb, test='Chisq') # significant

I found an interaction of the site variable, which is categorical and made up of 5 factors (sites), to be significant. In my results, I wanted to understand the nature of the interaction for each of the factors within the variable site. I have been told that Post Hoc tests for GLMs are different from ANCOVAS, and it has been suggested I use the 'emmeans' package. Do you know how I would do this?

I don't think i can share my data but any example similar to this would be great.

Many thanks!

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