How to display weights/frequency of each word in wordcloud?

I have created a wordcloud and, have used wordcloud() and ggplot() . I am unable to add the word frequencies to respective words in the cloud. I want the labels to appear in a single size and not in the size/weight of the associated word.

Something like this:

Hi, and welcome.

I see your goal clearly. You're trying to combine the functionality of the wordcloud package or a similar package as described by @julia in her book but you want to be explicit about the relationship between font size (proportional to frequency) but you don't want to visually re-enforce the word with its frequency.

I don't know of a package with that functionality.

Some possibilities I can suggest:

  1. A supplemental table sorted by word frequency showing the word in one column and its frequency in the second (but where's the glory in that?)
  2. Construct a ggplot2 legend that translates font size to frequency value
  3. Contorting a ggplot object to overplot the numerals.
  4. Adding a frequency based footnote symbol to each term.

Something that would help a great deal is to add a reproducible example, called a reprex to show the code to the point where you're stuck. That will allow others to weigh in who may have seen this problem and can point you to the specific changes.

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