How to detect the condition in which a Shiny app is served


I would like my Shiny app to know whether it is served by:

  1. Rstudio in a RStudio panel
  2. Rstudio in a web browser tab
  3. Any remote server

Using an interactive() call returns TRUE for options 1 and 2, and FALSE for 3... how can I distinguish between 1 and 2?



ui <- bootstrapPage(  
server <- function(input, output) {  
  output$condition <- renderPrint({ interactive() }) 

shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

Give the code below a try:

rstudioMode <- tryCatch({
  error = function(e) {

The code is wrapped in a tryCatch as versionInfo likes to throw if it is not in RStudio.


I will give this a try.

Hi @barret

rstudioMode has the same value (that is 'server') in cases 1 and 2 described in my original post. So, this has the same problem as interactive().

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