How to derive TRTEMFL Flag using SDTM data?

I want to know that how to derive TRTEMFL Flag and other flags using SDTM data in R. Is there any package available for ADaM derivation in R? Please help me with sample codes with severity priority assumptions that subjects will count once with higher severity grade.

See the vignettes in the {admiral} package.

can you please provide the sample code with priority wise severity that subjects will count once with higher severity grade?

Sorry, I've never used the package and I don't have either data or the domain understanding to use it. If you read the documentation, starting with the vignettes, you should be able to identify the functions necessary to transform whatever data you are working from into form that can be handled within the package. From there you may also get guidance from the package on how to perform operations on the data object such as what you are attempting and hopefully there will also be examples to show how those work with data of similar structure to yours that you can adapt.

derive_var_trtemfl() looks a promising promising start if you can correct the malformed data given in the example, perhaps by substituting your own. I didn't find any mention of priority wise severity, but due to my lack of familiarity with CDISC standards and the related terminology. If this is functionality you think should be provided in the package, you could file a feature request on the github repo.

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