How to Deploy Plumber

I can run locally using plumb and run command from console to convert a model into an API but want to deploy it on a virtual machine and call it to do that.

Great question. The plumber documentation has an entire section on various hosting options. In this case, deploying using Docker may be the best option if you're trying to deploy to a local VM. The process for deploying via Docker is fairly straightforward, and makes use of the trestletech/plumber Docker image which has the basic dependencies already installed.

so it is not possible to just depoly or plumb it on VM and call it locally .

For "local" deployments, if you can choose between a VM a or a Docker deployment, go with Docker as it brings more flexibility. Deployment on a VM is possible but you need to take care of all the peculiarities of the VM and your app, there is no one setup to fit all cases.