How to decrease the run time of a code on RStudio cloud

Dear all, is it possible to decrease the Run time of a given code on R Studio Cloud? My code is taking too-long to run!

Hard to tell without having any details but if your code is parallelized and you have a paid account, you can increase the number of cores available for that project to make it faster.

If you need more specific help please provide a concrete example.

I managed to edit the settings in RStudio cloud. Thanks for your help

I think this question is not specific to RStudio Cloud, but related to general R programming.
Most R functions are evaluated serially so it doesn't matter how many cores you have at disposal, they run on only one core and since you can't upgrade the cpu type on RStudio Cloud, the only solution would be to parallelize your code. It is unlikely that some one is going to do it for you, so you may want to learn how to do it yourself. Here a nice introduction :

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