How to de-zoom / have the whole image on a plot?

Hi RStudio community!

I am doing a study on estimating animal population in a certain area of a forest (with secr).
I would like to have a plot with my habitat zone (created on QGis and imported with readOGR), my buffer zone and the habitat zone in the forest.

My problem is that I can't get the whole image, I would like to be able to "un-zoom" to see the whole habitat zone ... How can I do this?

Here is my code for the plot. The first image represents my habitat area, and the second image represents the plot I would like to have in the end but which is too zoomed.


mask_trapbuffer <-make.mask(traps_analysis, buffer=300, type="trapbuffer", spacing=50)

clippedmask_jorat <- make.mask(traps_analysis, type = 'trapbuffer', buffer = 300, poly = HabitatPol, spacing = 50)

plot(mask_trapbuffer, col='black')
plot(clippedmask_jorat, pch=20, add=T, col='green')
points(traps_analysis[,"x"], traps_analysis[, "y"], pch=15, bg=grey(1), col='red')

on the left: the entire habitat area, on the right the plot that is too zoomed....

Hope my question is clear...

Best regards,


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