How to create those dummies?

I am having a panel of groups and need to filter them to positive and not positive based on an index which takes both positive and not positive values ranging from 10 to -10. Each group is assigned in this dataset a value that ranges from -10 to 10 (the highest level). I need to create dummies of " new and "old" based on the observations with a non-negative score in an index. The sample sample will be split between these groups with a score of 0 to 9 and those with How can I create those dummies? a score of 10, There I need to separate those groups that had competitive events during the entire sample period for which I have data from those that began having competitive events only within the sample period. For the latter, I need to take observations for the first four competitive events and define those observations as coming from a “new.
I would appreciate any help you can provide

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