How to Create Datavisual Shapes for R Package

How do I create datavisual shapes for R package.

Just like there are heatmaps, bar charts, pie charts, etc.

For instance, I wish to create a car as a datavisual shape in R. Perhaps use it as a map. And give users the options to label the components

What do I search in google to create such a thing?

For instance I would like R to generate a user-input program where

  1. product-to-repair-tires will point to tires
  2. tire-pressure will point to each of the 4 tires
  3. number-of-oil-changes will point to oil tank
  4. type-of-fuel (variables gasoline,diesel,liquified petroleum,etc) will point to fuel tank.

I want this custom visual to

  1. Have words and/or icons pointing to it
  2. Be treated as a map. For instance, tires passed inspection by 80%, brake pads passed by 20% (hence need a replacement), windshield wipers are 100% perfect, bumper is can widthstand impact 30% (need replacement)
  3. Can be used to demonstrate car health over time. We can include this in a report like Carfax that show when the Car was manufactured to possible accidents, defects as it passed owners.

In other words, custom visual should tell the life and health of a car in few words.

enter image description here

Try r2d3.

I believe you can create literally Any Type of custom visual with using d3.js and r2d3

Thank you. I will research these.

Any other responses?

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