How to create an FAQ using Rmarkdown?

Hi RStudio Community,

I'm trying to develop a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document from a table of questions and answers using Rmarkdown. The goal is to be able to refresh / recompile the FAQ over time as new questions are added. I'd like to make the table of contents organized by question category and subcategory, and ideally cross-reference each question with its answer using hyperlinks to facilitate navigation, similar to the R FAQ. For reference, this question is similar to this previous post, only I would like to link the question to the answer within the pdf/html.

I'm sharing the structure of the data below. I would greatly appreciate any feedback for how to get started.

FAQ <- data.frame (Category = c("Planes","Planes", "Trains","Automobiles"),
Subcategory = c("Commercial","Commercial", "Long-distance","Sedan"), Question=c("What is max flying altitude?","What is the most expensive flight","What is the world speed record for a commercial train?","What is the most efficient speed you can travel in a car in terms of achieving the best fuel economy?"),Answer=c("60,000 feet","$50,000","574.8 km/h","55-65 mph" ))