How to create a sidebar navigation menu inside a single tabPanel in a navbarPage in shiny?

So I have a shiny app that is a navbarPage, and I want to create a sidebar navigation menu inside only one of the pages.
I have two collumns, each with text and input/action/download buttons, and what I aiming at is to have two buttons on the sidebar which get as output one of my two collumns.

Basically, currently they appear at the same time, side by side, and I want them to appear one at a time, by clicking one of two sidebar tab buttons.
I'm really sorry if I'm being confusing, I'm doing my best

Here is my tabPanel with the two collumns:

tabPanel(title="Download two different tsv files",

######## FIRST COLLUMN IN MY tabPanel

    column(6,align="center", tags$strong("Download tsv file number one"),
                     textInput(inputId="input1",tags$strong("Enter the name of the set of data you want to download"),placeholder="Example: something"),
                   downloadBttn("downloadData","Download tsv 1")

column(6,align="center", tags$strong("Download tsv file number two"),
                                          downloadBttn('downloadData2','Download tsv 2')))

I suspect I might need to use something like tabsetPanel, or on the other hand just move around with sidebarPanel and mainPanel, but I'm pretty lost and wondering if someone has any idea how to do this
Thanks in advance for any answers

I'd recommend that you start by creating a reprex so that other people can easily run your code and see you what you have so far. Just looking at your code I'd say you've forgotten to include the packages needed to run it, and you have a spelling mistake in at least one function name.

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