How to create a link to a file in the network

Hi All,

Newbie with rmarkdown needing some help.

I'm trying to create a month-end process flow document in rmarkdown to be published as a html document.
The work flow requires the user to open certain XL files and run macros.

The XL files are stored in a shared directory. So, in my document I say:

"Click on the the following XL file link, the file will open, then click on the month end button to run macro"

I create the link to the XL file in my rmd by using:
[XL File with macros](H:\Monthend Process\Process.xlsm)

When i render the document the link shows-up in the html document, however, when I click on the link nothing happens!

How do I create a link from within my document that will open the XL file?

Thanks in advance.

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Is it possible for you to publish the rmarkdown document as a word document rather than html? If so, I think the links should work correctly...

Thanks @markdly.
I figured it out... I had to change the backslash to forward-slash :face_vomiting:
There was one more learning..(and this is only when I try to open the html doc via explorer)....I had to use the actual network name of the shared drive and not simply "H:/" - the network folks helped me out with this.

Re. your comment to go with "word doc", I did not go with this idea as the plan is to create a bookmark on the browser of users to access instructions - end users are front line processing staff and wanted simple and easy to use process flow.
This strategy gives me version control and enables me to push through any changes across the user base with only one update to the original html doc.

It would help if anyone else has done something similar and has some good ideas.

Thanks once again markdl for taking the time to answer my question.

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