how to create a Hierarchy Tree

How do I make a hierarchical tree, considering that the arrows should be "angled"? As in the picture.

I tried to use the Gravtz but the arrows are straight: /

I'm not sure about specifically angled arrows, but take a look at DiagrammeR. It might have this functionality.

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The Graphtz is a part of the Diagrammer :disappointed_relieved:

Bur, the arrows dont is angled :pensive:

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Hi @AndreL22!

Can you please try to turn your question into a self-contained reproducible example? That’s the best way to help people here understand what you’re trying to do, and where you’re having trouble. To learn more, start here: FAQ: Tips for writing R-related questions

Gravtz/Graphtz isn’t a function in diagrammeR. Did you mean grViz? It would be a lot clearer if you could provide the code you used to get the diagram, as a starting point.

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